Best levels in Crysis?

I'm curious as to what you guys found were the best level(s) in Crysis single player. Here, in game order, are the levels.Why you enjoyed them, or why you didn't enjoy the others. Level spoiler images below naturally, just in case some of you aren't quite sure which level is which.

My opinion about the Crysis Levels:
Contact 10/10
Recover 10/10
Relic 10/10
Assault 10/10
Onslaught 8/10
Awakening 10/10
Core 0/10
Paradise Lost 9/10
Exodus 10/10
Ascension 5/10
Reckoning 5/10
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  1. I liked them all but I never got to beat it got stuck in the gay puzzle I think Ascension or Reckoning.
  2. I wasn't a fan of most, but I do like tanks so even though Awakening was the level where the game went from slightly non-linear to tunnel vision I still rate it fairly well.

    The final level was so poorly made that it doesn't deserve a rating. It is possible to get out on the flight deck and face the mothership without having the TAC Cannon to beat it with. It is possible to fall through the flight deck into the hanger or even right into the ocean. The performance is horribly bad and there's barely anything but water around outside.
  3. I honestly only really like the game up until Core, after that it was still ok I guess...
  4. played it twice.. I think I enjoyed Awekening & Paradise lost starting to play Warhead - 2nd time..
  5. I liked the tank battle a lot. IMO it should have been much grander. Tough call on rest of game because there was a lot of good "little" battles.
  6. all of them except acension that was the only map i hated. crysis is the best game on pc.
  7. I loved everything through Awakening. For all those levels, you had a large area to walk around, and you could flank; there was lots of cover for stealth mode most of the time. I loved the physics, particularly how you could throw stuff. I spent a half hour my first time just destroying houses all over.

    Core and beyond lack all the things that made the first few great. You have a pretty narrow place to walk, forcing you to fight exactly the scripted battles you avoided before. Throwing stuff at aliens is completely useless, and most of the environment is nondestructible anyways. My computer handles the first few levels fine, but for the alien levels I always have to go to Direct X 9. Ascension is the only fun alien level.

    BTW, you forgot to put up a pic of Onslaught.
  8. Quote:
    Which one was it that had the chopper stalking you?

    The one where a chopper stalked you at night was Relic. It ends in a graveyard. Other chopper levels were Assault and Onslaught. Assault is a harbor where you're dropped off by VTOL, and onslaught is a huge tank battle.
  9. I'm up to ascension now but i liked Exodus. Mindless shooting is fun.
  10. Yeah I am fighting my way thru Ascension. I agree that the game takes a MASSIVE drop in quality after core. Very well done, but I think it could have been much better if the alien interactions were handled in an abstract way, with the Koreans still fighting you most of the game. Would make more sense and be more enjoyable.

    REEEALY enjoy the crazy aliens with insane physics. Good stuff.

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