Onlive, to be or not to be?

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I have been doing a fair bit of reading of late in to a service called Onlive, this service can be found here:

Now these guys are making some sensational claims for a service in today’s technical standing. They claim to have spent 7 years in development in to a system not too different from VNC (Remote Desktop Software). A system that instead of controlling your desktop remotely over the internet you will in fact allow you control any number of games over the internet via a stream from a central server system owned by them.

The benefits they claim is that this system can be used by anyone on nearly any PC/MAC no matter the spec or even a little tiny box they are bringing out as long as you have a decent broadband connection (1.5mbps for normal resolution and 5mbps constant for 720p 60fps resolution). They have the backing of many game developers (including EA), they even have games such as Crysis already lined up for release in late 2009. They even note that there video compression software only takes 1ms to code and then decode either end (note this does not include internet network delay). This will mean the end to expensive PC’s and consoles if this wonderful system comes to shine on us.

But the problem is the whole system is fundamentally flawed in a few important areas that make this system impossible at todays and even in tomorrow’s technology standard. Read this article:

So my Question here and my point really, why and for what reason have big money developers come on board and why have they given them games like Crysis that become unplayable with even one little hint of control delay? Is this a con on the big budget developers? Have they been done?
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  1. advertising is a wonderful thing
  2. Hopefully to be, it sounds awesome
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