Wanted: Radeon 6850/6870 + PSU

I'm looking for a Radeon 6850 or a 6870 and a 550W-650W brand name PSU. Cheers
ps I'm in Ireland so I don't know how practical it would be to ship here from the US
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  1. Stuck with onboard bump
  2. I have this: Very nice, high-end modular 850W power supply.

    However, it's going to be over 4 lbs. in weight, so it would have to be shipped Priority Mail International, which in a flat-rate box would cost $45 for shipping alone.

    Make me an offer if you're interested.
  3. I'm don't wanna spend more than about $80 to $100 on the psu so I don't think I can make you a fair offer for that. Also 850W would be overkill for me and I've never heard of Seventeam but that might be because they don't trade in Europe.
    EDIT: A quick google showed me they make PSUs for Coolermaster and Silverstone sometimes so they must be pretty good. :o
  4. Indeed they do. :) They're a very well-known manufacturer. Was your $80-$100 range including shipping?
  5. It was :/
  6. Oh ok. :/ I was going to say the price would not have been a low offer if shipping was not included.
  7. Good luck anyway I hope you find someone that has the money for it :)
  8. Thanks! ;) Have you tried looking over at or any other major online retailer? I'm not sure how much shipping would be (even if they offer it) to you.
  9. You're choices for buying pc parts in Ireland are fairly limited, on the kinda PSU I'm looking for would be €70-€80 ($100-$115). I'd be very surprised if newegg or tigerdirect ship to Ireland because I think newegg don't even have a Canadian branch
  10. ;)

    Or maybe even check eBay for a new psu, but the shipping cost will most likely be the same what I estimated.
  11. My bad xD I might order from newegg and have it delivered through a service like Bongo international if I can't find any 2nd hand 6870 and PSU around
  12. Not going to a party for Halloween bump
  13. I'd consider $100 shipped. Anything over 4 lbs. has to go Priority Mail International though, which this will definitely fit into that category. Let me see if I can cut-down some spare boxes I have which would save on the shipping weight.
  14. Just a reference to validate that Seventeam is good:

    Coolermaster...not so much (for the most part) because they tend to overrate their PSUs. Silverstone is very good though.
  15. Oh I never knew that about Coolermaster I'll steer clear of their power supplies so. Thanks for the link :)
  16. I was wrong in my previous shipping estimate, as that was for the USPS "Medium Flat-Rate box", but the power supply's box is too big for that. It only fits in their their "Large Flat-Rate box" and that costs $58.50. However, using my own packaging it would be $48.15 for Priority International.

    If you can do $103 for the psu shipped then it's yours.

    And here is my eBay seller id for a reference: cargeek33
  17. I'm just curious how long have you been using the psu?? Not sure if I'll be able to make $103 :/
  18. Around a year and few months.
  19. thank for the link.
  20. You should probably put it up on ebay don't wait around for me. It's great to see that you've got a 100% feedback though :D
  21. lol ;) I'm done selling on there for a while. They changed their fees and now charge sellers a fee for the shipping price as well. Good luck hope you find a good psu.
  22. thanks good luck selling yours man :)
  23. I have one, but how much is shipping to ireland?
  24. You have what?? For a PSU shipping could be as much as $50
  25. asusking,

    USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat-Rate box is $45, Large Flat-Rate box is $58, your own packaging might be cheaper but not by much. Anything over 4 lbs. has to go Priority for international shipping. UPS and FedEx international shipping prices are completely ridiculous, so it's not even worth looking at them. Hope that helped. ;)
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