Battlefield 2 and FPS game question?

I'm thinking about getting this game but I want to know if there are a lot of people currently playing this game. Also can you recommend me a good FPS multiplayer game that is not very expensive and a lot of people play it.
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  1. Counterstrike or team fortress 2
  2. man , battlefield 2 is active day and night 24 hours .. there is 2557 servers alive ... and u will never stuck looking for server with players .. its one of the best multiplayer games ever like counter-strike and team fortress 2 and cod and unreal ..
    PERFECT Game ... But hey ,, you need skills for it :D its not like this day games , just graphic and no gameplay and skills
  3. Call of Duty 4 / Modern Warfare - always popluar. Failing that save up for the soon to be released Modern Warfare II (November)
  4. BF2 is still the best all around there is. All styles of play work, and a decent squad can easily wreck havock anywhere on any map.
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