WTB: LGA 775 motherboard, Heatsink/Fan and decent PSU

Looking for a decent LGA 775 ATX motherboard (not Mini or Micro) that has at least moderate OC capabilities and must include the I/O shield. (ASUS & Gigabyte preferred)

Also need a power supply, at least 500w from Corsair, Antec, PC Power & Cooling, etc... I will not accept offers on no-name power supplies

Lastly, I need a semi-decent Heatsink/Fan for LGA 775, anything but stock.

Thank You Very much
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  1. Are you in the U.S.? If so, I have a Seventeam 850W modular 80+ Bronze psu I don't use anymore. It's in perfect condition. Original box and all accessories are included.

    Here's a link so you can look at the specs:
  2. yep, i'm in the great state of Rhode Island, what are you thinking for a price?

    Just a heads up, i also sent a message to someone who is selling a Corsair PSU...
  3. Shipping will be by USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate Medium Box w/ delivery confirmation which will come out to around $12 alone (it might be cheaper with UPS Ground, but Priority is a much safer & faster way to ship), so feel free to make me an offer on it.
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