Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold

The new Pokemon games: Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Both are remakes of the second generation Pokemon games: Silver, Gold and Crystal version.

The game will be released on Autumn/Fall this year and scheduled for its North American release on March 22, 2010. There is no known price yet for this game.

Source: http://www.jefusion.info/2009/07/pokemon-heart-gold-and-soul-silver.html


Anyone here besides me who will get this game?
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  1. Meh, they look the same as Diamond/Pearl.
  2. What a load of crud.
  3. you play pokemon by which game console???

  4. tobensg said:
    What a load of crud.

    Gold, Silver, Crystal were awesome pokemon games.

    I'm sure GameFreak won't screw this remake up.
  5. So basically, all the GBC Pokemon games are getting re-released for the DS. Why am I not surprised?
  6. are these games available on pc
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