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Hello. Looks like Summer finally arrived.

Anybody been to GamespyArcade? It says that around 500 people are still playing Rome Total War. I was thinking of buying a copy with some of the expansions. The graphics still look decent.
Anybody playing Rome Total War or any other Ancients RTS/Wargame online?
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  1. Yeah it sucks. Bunch of snob dweebs play it.
  2. Yeah, Im sick of that attitude... snobs dweebs "core players" etc.

  3. RTS can suck my d*ck. Slow ass stuff drives me beserk. You ain't playing Warcraft III you ain't talkin' sh*t period in that department. AKA skillness noob
  5. I like DOW II
  6. Rome Total War is awesome, u gotta buy it. Idk anything about the online, but single player will always b awesome
  7. Rome Total War was good, I’m currently playing Empire Total War but you do need a half decent rig to play that game. I’m finally starting to love the sea battles, they are actually highly tactical in a completely different way from ground troops which is a refreshing change.

    On another note, the battles are slow, but that’s not the word I would use, tactical would be a more fitting describing word. You will need to have patience to fully appreciate the game, so it won’t apply to those gamers with 5 second attention spans. But once you start to enjoy these games they will suck you in and spit you out 6 months later with a grin still beaming on your face.

    I enjoy the Total War franchise more than any other RTS, to be honest I’m not a big fan of RTS games, not since the first Red Alert anyway. But the Total War franchise is somewhat different, you will like it :)
  8. I just dl'd mechcommander gold from mechcommander.org. There's a bunch of people still playing it online, I believe.
  9. I have wanted to try Rome Total War, just haven't got around to it yet. One nice thing about MS games is that you can pick several game geners, so If you don't like who your playing with you can go to a different gener(professional, underground, I think there are five to choose from) so you can loose the snobs, lol.
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