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Ok ive installed battlefield 2142 onto my new computer after not playing it for a couple of years, and when i go to login with my old pass and account it says cd key is registered to another account. What do i do to solve this? I tried making a new account but it says the same thing! Also when i first poped it in beofe i installed it said that this game had only been tested on win xp 32bit, i have vista home premium 64bit. Thanks for any help.
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  1. They purge any accounts that have been inactive for so long and the CD-Key goes with it. Marketing.
  2. so therrde is nothing i can do?
  3. Are you sure you have the account name that you first registered under? It will be looking for that name.

    Bip over to the EA support forums. You will find more helpful advice over there.

    Try this one.
  4. k thanks
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