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Computer store in the Phoenix area, AZ

Hi there,

Is there any computer store in the Phoenix AZ area other than FRYS?

Stores like Wal-mart, bestbuy, office max/depot, radioshack... don't count, since they don't carry computer parts like mobo, etc...

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  1. No one from Phoenix?
  2. Anybody?
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    Well frys now has the price match deal so its like the best place to buy stuff from.
  4. dickcruz said:
    Well frys now has the price match deal so its like the best place to buy stuff from.

    Well I know, I use Frys store exactly like u wrote, they match everything that is a legit store like Newegg, Amazon ....

    But they don't have a lots of stuff in the store, when I got there my 2600K, it was the last one and they don't have another one since than. It was 5 weeks ago. Not even 2500K is available. And poor selection of mobos, PSU's .....

    So no other store that u know, because I have not find one yet.

    One store, that's it : )
  5. Takes them forever to restock! And they don't even list a 2700K on-line!
  6. Thanx.
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  8. Dear Nikorr.

    I see this is recent and you touched upon the same exact stuff I have been trying to research.

    From what I've found, no theres really not man.

    Apparently there was a big one called Ultimate electronics but it went out of buisness earlier in 2011.

    Your right though, Fry's has a limited selection compared to Newegg and takes forever to restock

    I just called them and they said they may have the i5 2500k in stock by Friday at the earliest, Dec 19 at the latest. has some way better deals than anyone including newegg but they dont have any stores near here. if you have someone who lives near a MC, you could have them buy the item for ya and ship it.

    Think they have i5 2400 for 140, i5 2500k for $170 , it was down to $150 on Blck Friday, i5 2600k for really cheap too.

    You have to pay tax there but still beats neewegg by 10-40
  9. Thanx for the response, I moved from Chicago-land and enjoyed Frys and Microcenter with Tiger Direct - (TG just a little).

    Ultimate electronics, yes I know, hey are out.

    I got the last 2600K from the Frys. It was after the kept telling me they don't have anymore. But sure enough "we" found the demo model : ) Sinc than, they got nothing -- 2500K or 2600k and even not offering the 2700K yet????

    Thanx asustudent1.
  10. Asustudent1 here. Welcome to the Phoenix Area.

    Fry's rep told me via email they will price match newegg or amazon, but not Microcenter.

    They expect i5 2500k On Saturday, which he said is subject to change.

    So if you just didnt want to order online, you can price match it at Fry's when they get em.

    Officedepot will do online price matching and special order CPU's as well. Walmart actually does sell them as well, i5 2500k for $5 more than newegg.
    Your best bet is to order it online or wait for a good deal. I bet sometime this month Newegg Amazon or Tiger Direct will throw out a deal on an i5 2500k or i7 2600k or such.

    Newegg had 2500k for black friday at $200

    If your in a hurry just order it online or return that Demo CPU- Sounds kind of fishy.

    If you dont mind waiting then wait for Fry's to restock and price match.
  11. I wrote that I was the last one who had purchased the 2600K. So I am good for now. But for a chain store like frys, its a shame that they are not able to secure #1 merchandise that bring the people to the store.
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