Doctor Who Pinball Opto errors

Hello all,

I have a Doctor Who Pinball and my optos are playing up. I was sent another set by the guy that I purchased it off but they don't seem to work.

What I've done is the following.

The original optos that came with the machine gave two errors out of the five on startup. Running the switch test I found that two optos did not respond.

I pulled the mini playfield to bits and checked them with a digital camera. Two were dead.

The second opto set arrived and I dismounted the mini playfield and stuck them in. None of the five worked???

So I dismounted the playfield again and checked them with a digital camera. They seemed to have a faint light.

Whats the best way to test them? Do I need to have the entire mini playfield mounted? Can I just plug them in a see with a digital camera if they leds light up?

How can I test the receptors? Unmounted?

Thanks in advance,


Here's my site with the progress:
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  1. Looks interesting! Keep us updated with your progress!

    I'm not sure what you mean though by testing the digital camera; you're planning to use its image sensor for the test?
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I read with a digital camera you can see the infrared LEDS working. With the naked eye you can't.

    So I used the digital camera to see if the LEDS were on or not. They are all off.

    Is there anywhere else I need to check that could cause the optos to fail? Is there a fuse for them or a mini motherboard to control them?

    Thanks in advance,

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