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Slow menu's in Supcom: forged alliance and C&C Generals

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August 12, 2009 3:11:23 PM

Hi all.

I've encountered some weird problems with Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance and Command & Conquer Generals (and the Zero Hour expansion.)

It basically comes down to this:

- menu's, the intro movie and briefings are pretty much slideshows in supcom, even the sound is choppy, while the game itself plays smoothly and has excellent sound.

- In C&C Generals the main menu with the battle sequence doesn't play said sequence, it freezes on the first frame, buttons are responsive however and the game itself plays smoothly.

Other games such as Crysis Warhead, Call Of Duty 4 or C&C 3 run without any problems.

I have 6gb of ddr3 1600 RAM, a core i7 920, a Sapphire hd 4890 (Catalyst 9.7) and a 1680x1050 monitor, I use Windows XP Pro x64.

Hopefully someone knows how to fix these problems, because they continue to annoy the crap out of me.

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August 25, 2009 5:47:25 AM

Have you checked if all your hardware drivers are updated? Also, it's possible that your game has incompatibilities with your video card; check a game's readme for more information.
August 30, 2009 10:13:48 PM

There are only drivers for things like LAN and sound on the cd that came with my motherboard, those work fine.

The problem persists with catalyst 9.8 drivers and I had none of these problems on my old rig (same videocard, but different motherboard and 32bit XP instead of my current 64bit.)

I hope it goes away when I upgrade to windows 7 but I still don't understand why these things are even happening with top-of-the-line hardware...