FS: PC Power & Cooling 1200 watt, Cooler master 830 stacker, WC,&etc

I really don't know how much any of this stuff is worth so I thought I would ask you guys, and I'm trying to sell it so if you want anything just post it or PM me. Thank you

Case: Cooler master 830 stacker
Power Supply: PC Power and Cooling 1200 watt
CPU: AMD Opteron 165 oc'd from 1.8ghz to 3.0ghz
RAM: 1GB (2x512MB) OCZ ram 2-3-2-6 2.65v
Motherboard: Asus A8n-SLI modded to A8n-SLI premiumn
Hard drive: 160GB sata
Optical Drive: Lite-on SATA dvd burner
Video card: Asus 8800 GTS 640
Koolance Water Cooling:
CPU: CPU-330 block
Motherboard: CHC-120-V06
Video card: VID-280 block
MOSFET: vr-as40-v06
Pump: PMP-400 with performance top and t-line
I also have the other longer asus water block if anyone wants it the KOOLANCE VR-AS41, everything is 3/8" fittings except the northbridge cooler its 1/4" So should I be selling this stuff sperate? Or together? How much is it worth? And does anybody want to buy any of it? And it does include the side panel with 4 fans, top fan, back fan, hard drive cage, its just not currently installed, has all front panels just removed them in the picture to show off the pump.

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  1. 24 hr bump. Still no posts>_> I mean I thought someone would want a pc power and cooling 1200 watt at least =(
  2. How much for the 1200 Watt power and cooling.
  3. intruda119 said:
    How much for the 1200 Watt power and cooling.

    Well just make me an offer everything on the list is whatever the highest offer is.
  4. 24 hour bump.
  5. another bump >_>
  6. Where are you posting from?
  7. Mesa, AZ
  8. FYI: This stuff is pretty old, so it's hard to say what it's worth...some of the parts could be worth a couple hundred to the right buyer. I recommend you provide links to the various parts if you want to facilitate purchases because I have no idea which 1200W PC Power & Cooling PSU that is.

    For a rough estimate, I'd guess $300 for the lot or a bit more if you part it out (all assume good condition):
    $80 PSU
    $30 CPU
    $40 GPU
    $0 RAM
    $20 Mobo--depends a lot on if it's SLI and AM3 compatible
    $40 Case
    $100 Water Cooling--keep in mind the water blocks are essentially useless for a modern computer. This price assumes your 4-year old pump and radiator are still in great shape.

    Also, a case with a top mounted PSU is a hard sell.
  9. So the power supply and case are pretty much useless huh? =( When I bought it it was pretty high end that kinda sucks.
  10. if you know the model number of the PSU I might be interested in it. Don't need the case
  11. The case and PSU might be worth more than I said. The PSU depends on the age of it and what connectors it has (you should link the product page). The case depends on the condition it is in, but the top mounting does hurt for getting enthusiast to buy it, but there are plenty of people that might not matter to.
  12. The Power Supply is a PC Power and Cooling Turbo Cool 1200 watt. As for how old it is, its about 5 years old since I bought it when the M2N32-sli Deluxe was released. Same for the pump, and water blocks. The older components like the cpu, ram, I had for about a year, and I just decided to throw it into the case so I would have a computer. =P Since you're suggesting to link to product pages I will:

    Case: And I guess my case is a 832 oops sorry.

    Cpu block: The block is AM3 compatible, since if I remember correctly AM2 and AM3 both have the same mounting hole spacing?

    Motherboard of course isn't AM3 its a A8n-sli board lol, its 939, just some computer I had lying around I threw into this case.
  13. Bump.
  14. That PSU is probably worth at least $100, possibly much more to the right buyer--the case really depends on the buyer. The more reputation you have, the more your PSU is worth.

    The trouble is that any user who needs a 1200W PSU is also willing to buy new. So you need to find someone who needs an 850W PSU who figures 1200W will do fine--it's a very small market so I suggest you try ebay to increase your exposure.

    The CPU block is probably still worth 75% of it's original value...I dunno about the water cooling parts since pumps wear out.
  15. is the 1200w psu still for sale? and whats your asking price? ill be in mesa tonight.
  16. still here in mesa, pm me if you still want to sell the psu, ill be here till tomorrow morning.
  17. Alright so before selling my stuff I should try and build my rep up is what I'm seeing then huh? And how much would you buy it for guavasauce?
  18. already left AZ man, sorry.
  19. Send me a message, if you are selling that PSU :)
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