Backing up a PS3's HDD

My PS3 Recently died & I've had to pay for a replacement console, the courier will pick my old console up and give me a new one on tuesday (18th). I have a lot of Save Data on the drive but unfortunately my console can't turn on so I cant use the backup utility. When I try connecting it to my PC, the drive doesn't show up in my computer & when I use Partition magic it shows up as an unallocated drive, so saving an image of the drive isnt possible with that utility.

Does anyone know of anyway that I can get to my save data via my PC? As far as all of my downloaded PSN games go, I am not too concerned about that, I can re-download, it is mainly the savedata that im trying to access.

Many thanks
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  1. Can't you save games onto a flash memory stick?
  2. Not that it matters anymore because I already got my console replaced but I couldnt save the files onto a memory stick because the system wasnt turning on. It sucks, but I've just downloaded some Save Data from the internet for a few games, but I'll have to replay the majority at some point
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