FS: Recently Completed Rig Selling Individual parts and Watercooling!

Moving out so I need to sell my main rig, we are looking at a rare Lian Li V2100B these babies don't sell anymore and unfortunately I have to let it go. It's one of the only Lian Li's left that can fit 2 massive 480mm radiators on the bottom of the case no problems. Here you can see with all my watercooling accessories installed but I will include all the original HDD bays, etc. The case also has a modified side panel which I did myself. Used a dremel to cut a hole, purely for aesthetics but it helped keep my components even more cool. If you look closely the lines aren't 100% straight just need to use a file to fix that easy. Anyways I'm looking for 325$ Shipped for the case

Next we have the amazing Gigabyte P67 UD7 Motherboard for LGA1155, it is even the latest B3 model which has NO problems that the other's had. Check out the rave reviews, this is an overclocking beast! I overclocked my Intel Core i7 2600K to 5 GHz in 5 minutes and I'm no expert in overclocking either, just had to set a voltage and CPU frequency and that's it! The board will come with it's original box, accessories were untouched. Selling for only 250$ Shipped!!!
Here are some pictures..

Now we have some amazing GPU's for sale, previously bought for 600$, yours for only 160$ Shipped! PM me if your looking for only one card.
2x XFX GTX 260 Core 216 Black Editions (only a year old and comes with original box and connectors plus Double Lifetime Warranty, means you get the same lifetime warranty also these come with the highest stock clocks of any GTX 260!)

Next we have an amazing sound card, the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Low Profile PCI Sound Card (had for a year and half, still works perfectly even in Windows 7 64 Bit, no driver problems whatsoever) == 60$ Shipped

Kind of hard to see here, but it's a really small card works great in between the GTX 260's. Speaking of which I should've wiped the 1st 260 lol, look at all that dust!! Well it's only dust =)

Next we have an AMAZING PSU, this powered my system just find and was quiet while doing it, it's the Corsair TX750W PSU Yours for only 70$ Shipped!!!

Now here is the kicker, I'm also selling some amazing Watercooling equipment, this is all you need to watercooling and very easy to install. The radiator is one of the best performing one's out there, the CPU waterblock is so close in performance to the best waterblock in the market for a fraction of the cost, and the amazing pump is so quiet yet it has more than enough flow for your watercooling needs, this is the BEST Watercooling kit you can buy today IMO.

XSPC Rasa CPU Block (3 months old, original box, manual, mounting brackets, has similar performance to EK Supreme HF for half the cost, literally!) == 40$ Shipped

XSPC X2O 750 Dual 5.25” Bay Reservoir Pump (3 months old comes with original box accessories, etc.) == 60$ Shipped

XSPC RX360 Radiator (Comes with original box, screws, etc.) 3 months old a few scratches here and there) == 70$ Shipped

Or get the whole set for only 160$ Shipped!!

You thought I was finished?? Nope =) Now while everything you see here are pretty new (3 months except for the GPU+sound card) I am also selling my Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 and XFX 780i SLI Motherboard LGA 775 with a free stick of Corsair Dominator RAM. I ran the Q6600 @ 3GHz but when benching I had it up to 4GHz and was rock stable, the XFX motherboard is simply amazing if you want to 3 WAY SLI! And it doesn't hurt to get free stuff either =)

120$ Shipped for the Q6600
But buy the motherboard with it (gonna need a LGA775 motherboard anyways) and all yours for 160$ Shipped

That's all folks, I'm looking to sell FAST, so PM me with offers, I'm willing to bargain a little but no low-balling.
PM me about getting the whole computer and I am willing to give you an AMAZING deal.
I only accept Paypal and will ship anywhere!

Watercooling Computer Specs:
Lian Li V2100B w/ Modified Side Panel
Intel Core i7 2600K @5GHz
Corsair Dominator GT 2000mhz 8GB
Gigabyte P67 UD7 Motherboard
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB Hard Drive
XFX GTX 260 Core 216 Black Editions SLI
Corsair TX750W PSU

Watercooling Components:
XSPC Rasa CPU Block
XSPC Pump/Res Combo 5.25" Bay
XSPC RX360 Radiator
Bitspower 1/2" ID 3/4" OD Black Sparkle Compression Fittings
1/2" ID 3/4" OD Primochill Black Tubing with Coils

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  1. PM me with offers, I am willing to bring prices down!
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