Halo 2 Vista Wont Start due to some "dedicated server error"

So yesterday i installed Halo2 Vista for the pc with the dedicated server and all that. but it wouldnt let me start because it said you cant play the game while dedicated server is installed on the same machine. so i uninstalled halo 2 vista from add/remove programs succesfully ALONG with the halo 2 dedicated erver. and then i put the cd back in a just clikced on "play halo 2 vista" so it would install by itself. but again it wont let me run the game. i reinstalled halo 2 v 3 times and it keeps saying the same thing. i tried going to services.msc but theres nothing. any help here? i uninstalled halo 2 server but apperantly halo 2 still sees it. i checked my c drive but theres nothing there that has dedicated server on it. ive restarted my pc tons of times no help.
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  1. Maybe you can try a system restore to before you first installed Halo 2?
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