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We just bought a used Sapphire and FireRed GBA game for my 7 year old's DS. He plays the game, saves it, and turns off the DS and/or removes the cartridge. However, we he comes back to play again, he continues to get the message "Saved File Has Been Deleted." I haven't been watching him closely to see if he has been missing a step, but he continues to have this problem and I am concerned as we bought the games used off Ebay. Is there a simple fix or is he doomed to lose his progress?
Thanks for any advice.
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  1. According to this, it's possible it's a counterfeit. Might check out some of the indicators the guy lists there.

    Unfortunately, eBay is slowly being overrun by counterfeits and scams. :(
  2. I'm not so sure. I have (had?) both Silver and Gold copies and after a few years they no longer stored save games after the unit is turned off. Both are retail copies not something off eBay.
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