Playing games freezes my PC

Before i went on my holidays, my PC was working perfectly fine. After i came back, i tried to play some games, CoD WaW it froze up on me. Now it happens everytime i play any game on my PC. It happens at random times in any game but no later than 4mins. Here is what i did so far to fix this problem:
1. Reinstalled the windows
2. Defragmented my hard drive
3. Changed my video card from 8800Ultra to 8800GT to check if its a video card problem but its not i even checked the GPU temperature and its fine.
4. Formatted my whole PC and installed new Windows vista ultimate
5. Did the memory diognastic tool test to check if its a memory leak problem.
6. CPU temperature is also fine, around 38C

I did all the above things but the problem is still there. Can anyone please tell me whats wrong with my PC or if there is anything i am missing. Here are my computer specs

AMD 4200+ X2
gefore 8800Ultra
MSI K8N SLI motherboard
XT 8550 gaming series 550W PSU
750 GB Hard drive with only windows ultimate & COD WaW installed
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  1. Dieing
  2. I bought it just 4months back
  3. I just recently noticed that every now & then when i check the disk defragmenter, it tells me that the performance can be improved even though i am not installing or removing any programs. I think something is wrong there
  4. I'm guessing its the nforce freeze. Remove any OC, and sync your RAM-FSB ratio to 1:1. Extra voltage to the NB has been known to help as well...

    ^^ This is my reference thread; I had a better one a while back, but lost the link.
  5. same as my problem my game and my windows hang in, still i have problem what can i do it any one please support me :)

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  6. Random thoughts:

    1. Maybe Vista isn't compatible with that game. Right click on the game shortcut, properties, and have it run in XP mode.

    2. Have you checked bios settings? I'm not familiar with that board, but for my Asus I have to do an RTC clear very often.
  7. PC’s that have been left off for a while and then turned on again can in rare occasions brake. I would run a program called Prime95 on your PC in ‘torture test’ mode (this stresses your PC to the limit to try and make it fail), run it for about 1 – 2 hours. If it comes back fine and does not pop up an incorrect result then your hardware is most likely fine and it’s your PSU to blame.

    If Prime95 does fall over its self, undo any overclocking even underclock some components like CPU and Memory and North/South Bridge. If it still has the same issues then I am sorry but you will need to either replace the CPU, Motherboard or Memory.

    The most likely thing to go is the motherboard in most situations, a good rule of thumb is to completely unplug your PC when you go on holiday. It’s not uncommon for power surges to fry your PSU/Motherboard while you are away on holiday, I seen it all too often when working at a computer shop. Worst time was when a thunder storm hit the west of Edinburgh, the fallowing week we must have had at least 30 PC’s come in for repair with the same issue (blown PSU/Motherboards if not more).
  8. Again, its sounding like the nforce freeze. And no, I don't know a permentant fix, I just know how to minimize the chances of the freeze occuring.

    Could be a bad PSU, but that would more likely cause a reboot. Bad RAM would BSOD, Windows error would BSOD, hard drive would be making noise.

    I assume audio loops when you freeze?
  9. Actually bad RAM wont always cause a BSOD it can freeze you're PC and cause random crashes. Same with a faulty/cracked CPU, I have seen CPU's that have been cracked in half run windows fine until they get any stress and then over heat and act very randomly without a BSOD.
  10. try to install AMD Dual Core Optimizer ..
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