New game to christen my new rig

I've just finished buying all the parts for a brand new rig (see sig for details). I've had my previous rig for some time, and have been only an MMO and PS3 player for a long time. Before that (think Baldur's Gate and Starcraft) I was a PC Gamer, but only for MMOs since. Now that I have a top-end PC again, I'd like to get back into PC Gaming in addition to my MMO addiction and PS3.

What I'd like is some input on a good game or two with which to christen my new rig. I got the free Terminator Salvation game that nvidia throws at everyone who buys a video card, but I've heard its awful. I'm hoping for something to really dazzle me with how far PC games have come given the proper hardware. I'm generally not a huge fan of shooters, but I'm not against them either especially since they tend to be the most graphics-oriented, but if there's a good role-playing or strategy game, please throw that up here as well.

Thanks for providing as much advice as possible.
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  1. hmm...., if you want a good rpg, Elder scrolls oblivions really good, its a bit old but theres a MASSIVE amount of mods for it
    Batman Arkham Asylum is coming out soon, its kind've an RPG/Strategy/Action
    if you want good graphics though, even though its an FPS, Crysis is an obvious choice

    BTW nice system, im about to get one pretty much exactly the same :)
  2. thabk you. i just finished putting it togetger now i need to install OS and all the software etc
  3. Oblivion is not an MMO and gets quite boring fast. I like Warhammer Online I even played it at release wearing my Warhammer T shirt and baseball cap. For FPS you're going to have to wait for Modern Warfare 2 but in the meantime I'm playing Killing Floor as a filler until I beat it. Right now for RTS it's Demigod for me.
  4. If you prefer RPG, give Sacred 2 a shot.
  5. bpogdowz said:
    Oblivion is not an MMO and gets quite boring fast.

    Thats where mods come in handy :D :D :D
  6. Long time PC gamer here, and I don't discriminate genres.

    Best single player game yet was Call of Duty 4 for me... Plenty eye candy, and they really did some stuff that hasn't been done in games before. I actually played it after I beat it, which says alot. Also half life 2 is my second in line which isn't "modern" but its a great play.

    I suggest you try some of the playable demos on steam.. Like Warhammer 2, Trine, things like that. Get a taste of what you like.

    Best strategy game out right now is Supreme commander, but its has a incredibly steep learning curve.

    Games to keep an eye out for = Supreme Commander 2, Starcraft 2, and Modern Warefare 2.

    As far as MMO, sadly nothing has put the hurt on WOW, which is a fun game, but im over it.
  7. yeah i've been playing WoW for about 4 1/2 years, and i've been playing a couple of PS3 shooters (fallout 3, CoD 4, Bioshock) so i don't think i'm going to re-buy any for PC. I also already own Oblivion GotY for PS3.

    That being said, what i'm really looking for is a game to showcase my new rig in all it's glory, i just dropped a ton of cash on a new system and while i'll probably spend most of my time using it on WoW, i'd like to get something that'll prove to me that it was a worthwhile purchase.

    It seems like Crysis is the best bet for such a thing, and i've bought that (hasn't arrived yet). I'll definitely consider Sacred 2, and i've already been looking forward to SC2, although it seems like it won't be out until 2012 at the rate they're going.

    Any other suggestions?
  8. besides Crysis, another fun and good looking game is Gears of War, There's no comparison with the xbox version, if you have a good enough pc, max it and play it at HD, you won't regret it.

    As for RTS, I've been playing Warhammer 2, it doesn't have the build-your-base part, just pure action and strategy, and some RPG elements like levels and gear.

    For FPS, CoD 4 and FO3 are the best, you can turn FO3 in a completely different game with mods, plus it looks better than the ps3 version and you have access to console commands.

    In the MMO area, if you want to "play safe" go with WoW, if not try Aion or wait for starwars and FF MMO's.

    if you want to try a racing game, I recommend Burnout Paradise, it has beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay and controls (Unlike Grind that has awesome graphics too but Horrible controls, you basically need a wheel to play it properly).
  9. already play WoW, no intentions of leaving that mistress. i'd consider a racing game so good suggestion, but don't you need more peripheral hardware to do those?

    i've considered FO3 for PC because that game is so good but i'm short on cash; any other suggestions for an RTS or RPG that really showcases top-tier graphics? good a game though i hear it is, warhammer 2 isn't really a graphics gem like i'm looking for
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