What's with the lag?

Okay, now playing crysis on medium results in 30fps in battles, Yet Playing oblivion on LOW at 800x600 results in 8fps in battles. What i would like to know is why! And also why doesn't Crysis editor work anymore? The Crysis GAME does. But the editor doesn't.
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  1. Specs of your rig, including psu make n model, have you made any changes lately, have you been monitoring your temps, have you cleaned you case and components etc etc
    Need a tad more info here
  2. Okay, My comp specs are:
    C2D E6700
    GeForce 8400GS
    PSU is just a generic 550w
    Via VM900M (Yes it sucks, What's a cheap one that can use my stuff?
    My case is clean, temps are fine,
    And yeh. What else ya wanna know, Oh, and a 160GBHDD and a 120GB HDD
  3. Are your other apps turned off? Is your HDD light going on? How much ram?
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