FS: MOBO GA-X58A-UD3R LGA 1366 Intel X58 ($100)


Selling my Gigabyte 1366 MOBO. Bought it over 1 year ago and it was working fine until a few weeks ago my computer would randomly restart. I have a Corsair PSU 850x and after reading some other posts describing similar issues I found out the PSU was the causing the issue since it was incompatible. So as far as I know the MOBO works fine, it just isn't compatible with my PSU. But I like my PSU so I wanted to keep it instead.

Anyways, I ordered a new MOBO so I'm selling this one. I'm new to building custom rigs so not sure if my price is fair or if anybody has a different opinion on what the issue might be so any help is appreciated.
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  1. That price is pretty reasonable if it is in good condition. But the market is kinda small for 1366 boards, so you might just want to post on ebay.

    Is that PSU a Corsair TX850, HX850, or AX850? I'm not familiar with the 850x. None of those three I listed would be incompatible with your motherboard. Why do you think it is "incompatible"? I haven't heard of that occurring so long as it's a modern motherboard or PSU (mobo since 2005, PSU since 2008).
  2. Cool. Thanks for the advice. I took the computer to my local shop to see if they could come up with the exact reason since now I'm guessing.

    If I decide to sell the MOBO I'll put it on Ebay.
  3. yes, a good deal
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