P4C800 system reboots randomly

Has anyone else experienced random reboots with the Asus P4C800 mobo? I have been leaving the computer on 24x7 to burn it in. Approximately once a week I will sit down to it and instead of seeing the XP desktop, I see a character-mode screen with an error message about unable to find a boot disk. The three-finger salute just gives me the same error; I have to power off and power back on to get a reboot. It's as if the system spontaneously decided to reboot while I was away, and somehow lost the IDE chain that includes the hard disk. I can't be sure, since the problem's never occurred while I'm using the machine. This sound familiar to any other Asus mobo users?
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  1. I had my computer rebooting(every 5-10 mins) while installing XP on my P4P800 i found out that the memory timming where to agressif. I dont know if it can help, but it worked juste fine by spd...
  2. lol... three finger salute!
  3. Thanks. I'm already using SPD mode though.
  4. You can try to use manual and put slower timming might help otherwise I dont know what could be the cause. Good luck
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