FS: *CRAZY DEAL* Asus EEE Slate EP121-1A010M Epic Windows Tablet $750!

Brand New Price is $1099.99
I'm selling this perfect conditioned 3 month old tablet with the original perfect condition box and all manuals and extras that came with it new for only $750.00. That's $350 off the original price for the same thing..

ASUS EEE Slate EP121-1A010M

I bought this three months ago because I didn't think I'd have the time to game but still needed something decent to work with. Then a bunch of things changed and now I not only can afford an epic rig, I'll have the time to use it too lol.

So I want to sell this thing asap. I'm willing to let it go at a low price just because I want it to go to someone who will actually use it. It's a great tablet.

Any interest? This thing is the best tablet I've ever seen. Runs just like any other Win 7 rig except touch screen (multi) and has a great on screen keyboard and stylus for text entry via handwriting.

If needed I can post some pics.

Ebay Feedback

This thing needs to sell.

Paypal Only and Continental U.S. Shipping only please.
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  1. $450
  2. Did you sell the EP121? I'm a college student with a wife and 3 kids, so if I'm going to get one I need to save as much money as I can. I'm in Pullman, WA. How much to ship it here? my email is
  3. I hope no one bought this.... looks as though this guy went big and is scamming left and right.
  4. Scam ! Do not buy!!

    Warning Do not buy from this seller! Has bad reputation.
  5. ...this thread is over 3 months old...
  6. This guy is a moron, he has his account name and IP verified as well as a verified Paypal address......I am a Federal Agent and looks like this guys going to be charged with not only fraud, misrepresentation but also mail fraud. This guys a moron and he'll get locked up for it
  7. envymert said:
    I am a Federal Agent

    Hmmmm :heink:
  8. nvm its same guy from 7970's this guy should get locked up he almost scammed me and he scammed a few other people with the selling 7970's thing
  9. I feel like it was kind of obvious. Who sells a GPU that was going on forums for $100-300 more than retail for less than retail. If it sounds too good to be true...
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