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So i'm trying to decide wether to buy wolfenstein for my ps3 or my pc. So far I haven't been to impressed with the ps3 but I haven't plated very many games on it either. Which will the game look better on. I'm running 2 HD 4870's CF with the phenom io 955. I know this has alot to do with personal opinion but I was just curious to what other people think and prefer. I love gaming on my pc but I also want to play my ps3 lol stuck between 2 loves
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  1. FPS games are always better on the PC... Unless you have crappy hardware (you have good hardware) or it's a console exclusive (which it isnt).

  2. I agree with cafuddled, PC is the best platform for FPS. I bought COD4 for ps3 + FragFX, but it still doesnt measure up to the PC.

    Console games are way overpriced if you ask me too.
  3. Consoles can never catch up the the PC, but games are also guaranteed to work on a console where as the avg Joe might not know everything about his PC and it would be frustrating to buy a PC game and have it not work on your PC.

    So more people are moving over to the console side of things, so developers ( seeing as there is money to be made ) are also starting to support both the PC and the Console games. - Not to mention the games are priced at an wtf price of 59$

    But consoles have a lot of hidden costs as well, such as the TV, You will need an HDTV to get the most out of your console, and if you have that. Then you would probably have a decent PC, so instead of a console if you spend that 400$ and buy upgrades for your PC you can turn that avg work PC into a decent gaming rig.

    All you need is a few tech savvy friends ;)
  4. PC = FPS/MMO
    Console = Action/Platformers/RPG's/Sports

    Simple really; MMO's are better implemented on the PC, and FPS's need a mouse/keyboard (or in my case: Mouse/Joystick :D). For everything else, I'm quite happy running from a console, simply for the simplicity involved.
  5. Wolfenstein is £13 more expensive for both the xbox and ps3 than the PC according to amazon.co.uk.
    Also it seems console owners are ripped off with addon content eg map packs for COD4, seems they are free for PC. Add up all these little bits over the life of the console and I'm left wondering why I bothered to buy a console at all. :/
  6. I’m the kind of guy that will buy a Console just for a single game... for instance the only reason I got a PS3 was because Metal Gear Solid 4 came out, it took me another 5 months to buy another game for that console. But now I have about 7 good ones for it, but on that note I have never once had to shell out money on the PS3 downloads (apart from PSX classics Final Fantasy 7 :D)... or the Xbox360... although I did get close a number of times to buying content on that as they released a bunch of games then just held back the maps for a month or two... GITS.
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