Missing "it's now safe to turn off your computer"

windows xp, fresh install, including sp1 and all critical patches.
since i do not like the advance power managment feature in xp, i used the f5 option before installation and used standard pc with step c i486 for the setup. the normal result of this method is that it will install and work the irqs like the old fashion pc, which is what i want, but the downside of this thing is that i will get the "it's now safe to turn off your pc" screen at the end of shutdown because the standard pc option lacks any auto power support. that is ok, however with the latest patch at the end of the shutdown i can head the hard drive click and turn off, the chasis fan still running but the screen tell me it's now safe is missing. i do not know if shutdown has been completed or not because lack of that confirmation, the screen is just blank. can anyone help?
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  1. I'm not sure I understand: You had the shutdown message in XP? Or you just miss it after upgrading to XP?

    In the first case, I'm not sure what would cause it. In the second case, well, you TOLD it to treat your system like it had no brains, but that doesn't guarantee all the same messages. After all, this is NOT your dad's Windows 98- this is XP. Now, if you had left the power options alone, at the point where shutdown operations are complete, you KNOW the system is done, because it powers off the system.

    If you want to run an old-fashioned system, you should have stayed with 98. Or was it 95? In any case, you asked for it, you got it.

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  2. What's wrong with APM? I have no problems with it... the only thing I do with it is auto standby for my monitor. I personally like the fact that my comp powers off when I select 'Shut Down'.


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  3. Try this?

    Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 810903
    "It is Now Safe to Turn Off Your Computer" error message when you try to shut down your computer

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