How old are your games?

I still play Master of Orion 1/2, Master of Magic, Mechcommander, and I'm trying to figure out how to run X-Com on modern computers.

Oh, Microprose! Where art thou!

I got the public domain Ultima 4, but it runs too fast to catch moongates. :)

I also have a few MAME's, but USB joysticks are horrible. I can't flap fast enough to fly in Joust.

But here's a classic: I somehow still have the retail copy of Rogue. I must have kept copying it from harddrive to harddrive as I upgraded my computer.
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  1. Sometimes I feel that I have been spoiled by new games and their immersiveness or at least the graphics and physics of modern games. New statistics keep me playing, a reason why I guess I still enjoy playing Deus Ex. Which I guess is the oldest retail PC game I own just now... that or Homeworld, not sure what came first.

    Oh I found a SNES and a bunch of old games over at my mum’s house if that that counts... Even found a Game Gear and a load of games also :)

    Saying that I have got an old copy of the Blade Runner game kicking about somewhere.
  2. i still played Zeus for a long time. to bad it wont work on win 7 :)
  3. I played the original Fallout for a bit of a change recently. Ugly as sin, but good fun.
  4. I only play gears of war...
  5. Couple old games, Quake 1, Recore, Battlezone, Duke Nukem 3d, Age of Empires, Rise of the Triad, Warcraft 2
  6. Thats true, I do have a copy of Quake 1 in the loft... Duke Nukem 3D also :D
  7. I still have Quake 1 and Duke 3D somewhere.
    I usually pick up games after a year they have been out when the price reaches around $20 or less.
    Now, the game that I am trying to get working are the GoldBox AD&D games from SSI. Now this is really old school. Back in the day I only got to play Champions of Krynn, Gateway to the Savage Frontier and Curse of the Azure Bonds. I bought the collection several years ago and I have been wanting to play it, in chronological order so I can transfer my characters from game to game . Installs fine in XP and shortly after I create my character in Pool of Radiance it asks for disk 3. *ugh*. I have searched around and found some fixes but I' not in a rush to play.
  8. I think I got the SSI set somewhere too. :)

    But after playing Wizardry and Bard's Tale, the SSI interface was just horrible.

    More blasts from the pasts (not actually loaded, just lying around)
    Warlords 1 (on 3.5" floppy)
    Ultima Underworld I and II
  9. i still play twin bee and b-wings in my emulator
  10. I play freelancer,freespace 2, emulators for mame and the old consoles, and I occasionally dabble in mechwarrior 4(actually used to play it quite well,known the world over) and dungeon siege. I dont get to play games so much, with a teen, tweener,and a social butterfly gf, so i dont even bother to look at the new stuff
  11. There is also a game called red faction i used to play, but it wont run on my system anymore, one of the best fps shooters i ever played.
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