WTT: Nintendo Wii for MediaCenter


I just bought a Nintendo Wii with a lot of equipment, but I forgot to look everything up.
I thought I was able to use it as MediaCenter as well, but I can't.

So right now I'm looking for someone to trade this Nintendo Wii for a MediaCenter device.

MediaCenter device could be:

PC with mITX form factor or something like that

I have:
Nintendo Wii Console
2 controllers
2 nunchunks
2 Wheels

Mario Cart Wii
Wii Sports
And some other game with 12 different games within.

Let me know if you're interested.

Btw it's located in Los Angeles and bought in Best Buy!
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  1. Bump!
  2. you might try a modified original xbox? Cheap and pretty nice media centers. You need it to be running XBMC
  3. Anyone wants to buy this?
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