ASUS P4P800 updating BIOS to 1008 problem.

I have trouble updating my current BIOS v1005 to the latest BIOS v1008. It in readme file it says

1.Don't use EZflash and Afudos to update v.1008
2.Download and unzip
3.Copy all files into the floppy disk,or you might have problem with updating BIOS.
4.Boot the system into DOS prompt.
5.Simply execute "P4P81008.exe" file to update BIOS.
Do not shutdown and restart the system while updating the BIOS!

The problem is that winxp doesn't give me an option to boot the sys to DOS environment. So i simply went to the BIOS and changed the boot sequence giving floppy drive the first preference. But during boot up give me remove floppy and hit any to continue error. It shouldn't give me the error and instead go to DOS.
Can i simply change the BIOS from MS-DOS in winxp? Is it safe?
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  1. Since the bios is the only opperating system (if you wana call it that) until windows dos or even linux boots i dont see how you could change the os.
    Here is what you do go into command prompt (right from windows) and type
    format A: /s
    Make sure you have a floppy in the drive
    For some reason some versions of 2k and xp dont allow that
    or go to <A HREF="http:// " target="_new">http:// </A>
    and pick one i would recomend the dos 5.0 disk (cause its the smallest)
    The reason i wouldnt just go there in the first place is because the first option makes a smaller boot disk.
    After you make the boot disk copy the contents of the flash onto the disk and restart (make sure your boot order puts A: before c:) then just follow the directions included with the flash.
  2. one note, even if you did have win 9x and you booted to dos most likely your bios would still not flash b/c most require that emm386 not be loaded. So basically if you have win 9x and boot into dos (w/o a boot disk) the flash still may not work.
  3. heya strikernr;

    The asus Bios Update Utility can be difficult to find because it isnt easily accessible on their website if you dont know what your looking for, here is the link for the latest version, this program is for updating your Bios from the desktop, no DOS hassle or fuss, it will even go out on the internet and get the latest version of your BIOS for you.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Asus Bios Update Utility </A>

  4. Thanks all for the reply. I successfully updated the BIOS to v1008. P_III, the bootdisk utility worked fine. Thanks

    I installed the ASUS update utility from the CD just today. It never to my mind.
    Thanks all.
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