How to kill a process

How can I kill a process when even when I end it it doesn't respond???

I go to the task manager--->processes-- I choose the process, click END PROCESS but it doesn't end !! it drives me nuts.

It's the SPEED.EXE. It's the process that runs Need for speed underground. When I quit the game, this process doesn't stop running and it can't be ended, is there any way to kill it without rebooting?
What's more, if I want to play the game again during the same windows session I can't if I don't reboot.

Nico -- Nick :P
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  1. Try this.. end explorer.exe and you should lose the windows background. Try closing the program then. Once done go to applications, new task... and type in explorer.exe to go back to windows.

    The game shouldnt do that though. Do you have the latest patch for it? Same thing with video card drivers.

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  2. thanks man but it didn't work...:(

    Nico -- Nick :P
  3. You've probably tried this, but sometimes I get stubburn aps that won't close and I have to do the end task thing several times in a row to get it to close.

    Have you tried updating the game yet?

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