Crysis problem with new speakers.

I just bought the Logitech X 540 5.1 speakers for my PC and everything works fine except Crysis. I have an E8400, 4 GB of DDR2, and a 4870 1 GB ATI card. Before I put my speakers up and switched to 5.1 surround sound, I played on Ultra High settings with 30-40 FPS. Now when I play Crysis, I still get 30-40 FPS according the FPS tracking thing in the console command, but it's really glitchy at times, and it slows down, like slow motion is the best way I can describe it, but the FPS stays the same. Like if I move at times, I move real slow or shoot someone, they fall down super slow, where before my 5.1 speakers, everything was normal. I also tried downloading the realtek High Def. Audio Drivers, but once I restarted my PC after the set up process, Realtek is no where to be found. I tried this multiple times.

I'm running Windows 7 beta, and Crysis is the only game that's acting weird on me since I got my new speakers. Also, if I disable my speakers, Crysis works normal again. So it has to be something with the speaker set up.

Can anyone tell me what's going on or how to fix this?
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  1. Sounds like your soundcard either has old/useless drivers or the soundcard is so completely crap it can’t process the 5.1 sound at the same speed as the game is running run. Try lowering the sound quality in the game if that’s possible, also try running the sound in stereo and see if you get the same issue. Also if your sound is running in software mode and your CPU is struggling with the game as it is, the burden of having to process the work of a soundcard on top of that is only going to make things slower.

    Basically the long and short of this is, if new drivers don’t help see if you can borrow a proper soundcard to see if that works. I have a Audigy 2 ZS and that runs Crysis in 7.1 with absolutely no slow down of FPS at all. Basically Onboard sound is w*nk and always has been, although some new onboard sound chips are not as w*nk as others.

    In computers there is one simple rule that they have to run games by. Everything must be synced, so if sound is not running fast enough for the graphics then the graphics slow down, same goes for if the graphics card is not fast enough... although they have got away from that a bit with proper algorithms. But if you do have issues with slow graphics it can be noticed by jumping and popping of the sound rather than just slowed down hippy sounding voices.

    Hope this helps.
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