What games make use of mulitple cores/threads?

I'm looking for any that utilize more of my processor.
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  1. I only know Source games are supposed to take advantage of multi-core setups. More mentioned in this old article:
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    Crysis, FSX, GTAIV.
  3. WiC, Supreme Commander, etc.

    How about buying games you like, instead of ones that use more resources? Just a thought...
  4. Rise of Flight takes advantage of multi-core processors, in fact in a significant way.


  5. Microsoft Flight Sim X will eat it up.
    It will use as many cores as you can throw at it and still want more.
  6. Helloworld_98 said:
    Crysis, FSX, GTAIV.

    FSX yes. GTA and Crysis although using them, doesn't manage them too well. Especially Crysis. GTA is better but still.....
  7. Forgot to mention Lost Planet; thats the one game that really is coded for multiple cores; even an i7 gets fully utilized...
  8. Believe it or not - World of Warcraft does.
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