Gears of War for PC - Crashes To Desktop After The "Microsoft Game Stu

I'm having problems with Gears of War for PC

After installing it, I get an error "You cannot run the game with modified executable" . Reading in the forums on the web, I discovered that even legit users exerience this. I downloaded a patch and the game run..

Now, my new problem...

After running the game, it would crash to the desktop after the "Microsoft Game Studios" logo video. I can't get to the main menu, the game runs but it crashed to the desktop.

Is there a patch to fix this? or "work around"?

I tried installing the game on Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP2, and Windows 7. Just the same problem

Help, please. I really want to play this game
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  1. Buy the real game.
  2. daship said:
    Buy the real game.

    I have the same problem (and I have the "real game Daship").

    At first it would not run at all then was OK with the official MS patch
    Now crashes to desktop after initial start up.
    Have tried the patch several times and redownloaded it \
    Same result.
    My machine specs are fine Just finished (real game) Fallout 3 without a problem.
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