Can someone send me a link to a Windows 7 drive meter gadget?

Hey all,
lately ive been trying to find a drive gadget for my pc so I can monitor the bandwiths etc of my HDD's but all the gadgets that ive found that do this dont seem to work properly ie. wont start up, dont show up properly.

Can someone send me a link to one they know that works on windows 7?
Im using Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit.

Oh and heres a couple that i tried that i couldnt get to work:
(this one starts up properly but just shows a big red cross in the middle of it)
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  2. might have a look at that myself

    its not a gadget,but it might work for you.
  4. das_stig said:
    I've used this one it's pretty good, though by default it displays multiple drives on the same graph and can be hard to read if you have multiple drives. You can run separate instances of the gadget for each hard drive to separate it out, though.

    Here's another suggestion that I also use: Drives Monitor

    What I like most about it is it automatically will add a meter for drives as they appear. USB thumb drives, for example.
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