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Hey Guys,
I am looking into building a new computer and would like to sell the one I built this summer. It is a great build and there was a ton of attention to detail put into this rig.

i7 i-960 Intel Processor 3.2Ghz Quad Core
Zalman CNPS9900 NT 120mm CPU cooler
Gigabyte G1 Guerrilla MoBo
Corsair XMS 3 6GB DDR3 1600
Patriot 64GB SSD (Boot up Drive)
2 Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB HD 7200rpm
Samsung Blu Ray Reader (Reads and Writes DVD's and CD's)
1000W OCZ PSU Fully Modular
2 AMD Sapphire HD 6950 Dirt 3 Edition (Crossfire)
Corsair 650d Obsidian Case

1 NZXT 24 pin power extension (Black individually sleeved Cables) (Looks really sharp)
4 Bitfenix 6 Pin power GPU extensions (Green, Braided, Individually sleeved Cables) (Once again looks sharp)
1 ModRite UV Reactive 8 Pin Eps Extension (Green, Braided, Individually sleeved Cables)(Cannot see this one too well because it is up at top, but I needed an extension)
1 Invertless 15" Cold Cathode (sits in the bottom of the case) (Glows Bright Green!)
1 Sapphire Display port to Dvi Converter Cable

3 Asus 1080p 23.6" LCD Monitors

This computer looks really sharp and Eyefinity is definitely a really unique type of gaming. It definitely improves performance and gives that extra edge any gamer would be happy to have. I will be posting a Youtube video of the Computer in the next week or two and will post them on here as soon as they are up. I am ask $3000 for this rig. I am will to take offers as well. I hope you like the build. Paypal Only. Please comment!
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  1. Btw I am willing to drop the Price $100 if you do not want Windows on the system when the purchase is made.
  2. Shipping will be estimated after sale.
  3. This is the video. Thanks guys and if you are interested I will add watercooling for $250. Thanks guys
  4. This looks sick and in great condition. Have you done any overclocking?
  5. Yeah I can overclock the CPU to 3.6 Ghz and the graphics card's core clocks are maxed out at 840Mhz and the memory clock is maxed at 1325Mhz.
  6. how did you find the ocz 1kw? im looking at them right now and they look pretty awsome.
  7. esaglik said:
    how did you find the ocz 1kw? im looking at them right now and they look pretty awsome.

    I got mine at it comes in a few different versions. I funk they have a 750w, 850w, 1000w, and a 1250w. The one I have runs about $200. Corsair makes some nice fully modular psu as well. The ax 850 and the ax 1200. They are a little more expensive, but the cables are all individually sleeved and black so they look super nice. I had to buy extensions for mine to get the look I wanted. Oh and btw the eps 8 pin power connector is a super short cable with the ocz product, so any decent sized tower will definitely need an extension. sells some really nice colored ones. Hope this helps.
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