Hey, just finished puttin my rig together with new 4850x2 everything is up to the job :p anyway, i had my 9600gt a while back, i was getting 18fps with the CCC mod at LVL 5, with my X2 im getting from 20-31 with constangt gilty freezing, cpu @ 40% @ 4GHZ, updated, recent drivers, tried old drivers, works with other games : COD4 = 157AVG, grid = 110AVG, NFS UDCV = 140, blah... only game doing that , ^^ typical :p (8gigs ram) any ideas, rlly pissing mme off :p i could already play other games at max :p ^^ pls help
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  1. Check your Xfire setup, and see if everything's connected properly. The two cards side-by-side could also be causing higher temps; you may wanna check that out as well.
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