Vista and Game Execution Problems/Hijack

I recently built a new computer and have noticed on certain execution of games, such as crysis, parabellum beta, huxley beta, hovorun, and Section8 my computer acts as if all resources are consumed. Some games the banner or flash screen shows but then disappears. The game seems to never load or I'll get a black screen that eventually errors out and says something about error loading security options then reveals the desktop again. Also I cannot access the task manager or execute programs, even firefox, I just get the little vista blue ring (hour glass). I basically have to shut down/reset my pc to get it back. Essentially, my pc has been hijacked by the game trying to execute, consuming all my resources and then bombing out without releasing those resources.

I have all the latest Vista Ultimate updates, running SP2 and DX10.

Any ideas?

Here are my system specs:

Raidmax case w/ RM 550w ps
ASRock M3A780GHX/128M AM3 Motherboard
4GB G.Skill DD3 1600 (800Mhz)
AMD X4 955 3.2Ghz CPU
SATAII 1Tb Hard drive 7200 RPM 8mb cache running a 3gb
PCIE Radeon HD 1GB DDR5 4890 (diamond-user overclock-able)
19" @ 1440X900 32bpp

based on these specs I should be able to play any game out there with the graphic settings turned all the way up???
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  1. What about your driver updates? Also, what is running when you try to start these games? Even on powerful computers, the less running the better.
  2. I think I figured it out. The games that use n-protect and other hacking thwarts have problems with my real-time anti-virus and was able to launch the games much faster by disabling avast on-access protection during game play. Also, I have read the windows defender can cause problems too.

    Secondly, the game hovorun I found was having problems with their server and the game client could not connect. Seems like bad programming to me if a game client can't connect to the server, shouldn't it time-out or something and not hijack all the resources on your pc indefinitely? Anyways, I hope this thread might help someone else out.

    Lastly, I am a bit disappointed in this amd X4 955 as I expected a bit more and it still seems to hang on simple processes like file copy, emptying recycle bin, installers running, etc. I'm going to try a faster rpm hard drive to see if that makes a noticeable difference. But seriously, 4 processors running at 3.4ghz should scream shouldn't it?
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