WTS Hot XFX Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition 2GB

I am looking to part away my Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition 2GB

Core Clock 725 MHz (up to +30% with OverVolt Tool)
Stream Processors
3200 (1600 x 2) Stream Processing Units
Effective memory clock
4GHz (up to +20% with OverVolt Tool)
Memory Size
Memory Interface
512 (256 x 2)-bit

The card is still under warranty and as a primary owner i am able to transfer that warranty to the buyer.

Selling for $400
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  1. willing to negotiate, long as offer is respectable
  2. still up for sale.
  3. bphilp said:
    still up for sale.

    have any offers yet? i got a buddy needing to upgrade from a 9800 gt. YES A 9800GT :p
  4. i put the card up on ebay and have 2 days left on it. but yeah still up for sale
  5. wats the ebay link to the card?
  6. if you decide to bid on it wait a little longer though. with 15 people watching it especially. 300 dollars is pretty much a give away for that card.
  7. Newegg is selling a new one for $300 for black friday sales >.>
  8. The card you are talking about on newegg is an oem card and made by Diamond, the car i am selling is made by XFX and meant for people that want to tweak the card out more.
  9. Do you have this card still?
  10. UniSol said:
    Do you have this card still?

    I sincerely hope not since the post is 2 years old.
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