Athlon XP 2400 in a Asus A7V266

I just recently fried an Athlon XP 1800. So I went to get a new one and decided for a few buck more I could get an Athlon XP 2400. I put it in the Asus A7V266 and everything seems fine but I noticed that the XP 2400 is a Thoroughbred and my old XP 1800 was a Palomino core. I also noticed that the temp of the cpu under intense load reached 83 C. But it is stable and hasn't crashed.

My question is I am hurting the 2400 using it in the A7V266 and would I get a significant performance increase if I did change motherboards. And if I should change motherboards what should I get. I don't want intergrated anything.
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  1. that sounds like a very high temperature...make sure that the heatsink is mounted properly and the fan is spinning. Also did you use any thermal compound?
    It could be that your old board is overvolting your might want to go into the bios and make sure that the cpu is running at the right voltage.
  2. Well the heatsink is on right and as far as thermal paste I used the stock AMD fan which comes with a preinstalled thermal pad. Though you might be right about the voltage. The Palomino core used 1.75 volts with the 1800+. The Thoroughbred core with the 2400+ is suppose to be 1.65 volts. So the MB but still be set to 1.75 volts from the old CPU. It could be that but I am at work now and will have to check when I get home. Thanks for the input.
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