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I recently put together a new computer consisting of a P4C800 Asus motherboard, 3.0 CPU, 2-512mb 3200 mem chips, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro video, 120 WD hard drive, 400W P4 power supply. On startup I get this error message:
CMOS settings wrong
Cmos date/time not set
Overclocking failed. Please enter setup and reconfigure your system. Press F1 to enter setup. Press F2 to load default values aand continue.
I haven't made any changes to BIOS or jumper settings, everything is at default settings. When I continue with F2, everything seems to function normally. Windows XP Pro system information screen lists two cpu's at 1500 mhz. each. I suppose this is from hyper threading. I have BIOS version 1007. Does anyone know what I should do to "reconfigure" my system>
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  1. Go into your BIOS and configure manually, set the FSB to 200, set date/time. Maybe the default settings are different than what it should be. When buying new mobo's the bios is usually set to the minimum its designed to do (sounds like FSB is at 100) so you have to go into the BIOS and configure to the way all the other components are designed to do.

    When I first bought my mobo (Asus A7V8X) the FSB was set on 100 and I had to change it to 166 (333 marketing terms) for my Athlon XP 2700+. I'm assuming that is whats happening with your system.

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  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't mention the other problem, which is that if I make any changes in the BIOS, the system hangs and wont reboot or reset; I have to turn it off and restart, which puts me back on square one. I discharged the BIOS once and flashed it. It didn't change anything.
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