My Big WTB thread: Need Vid card, Water Cooling stuff and more!

Ok I need lots of stuff for a couple of builds. Pm me offers thanks!

Ok I am looking for the following in the video card section

1x6990 and 1x6970
2x 500 series Nvidia cards

Water blocks for Video cards. Also any cards already setup for Water cooling go to the front of the line.

On the PC processor front

I need a 1156 intel processor

I also am looking for a CPU/Mobo Combo

either a AMD Black series Proc with a AM3+ board
or a current Gen Sandy Bridge Setup

Also looking for a Asus Revolution Mobo

I need a 650 watt or less PSU

I am looking for ASUS DVD Burners

Also need a Blu Ray Drive (only interested if it comes with software)

I am looking for lots of watercooling parts I really need pumps res's, fittings, CPU blocks, Chipset blocks for 1155, GPU blocks and more. Just PM me with what you have.

I also need 1 aftermarket air cooler.

I am also looking for a reverse compatible PS3

Also looking for one 3.5 fan controller

And if I can get any Mountain mods case parts.

I have cash and I can pay via PAypal or Amazon just PM me with offers thanks!
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  1. I have two GTX 580 1.5GB reference cards, an i5 750, and an Asus P7P55D Pro motherboard if you're interested.

    Looking to get rid of the cards, but just taking offers on the CPU/Mobo atm.
  2. I dont need the Mobo but I would like a price for the 750 and the cards
  3. Pm'd with offer.
  4. Also need a 2500k or 2600k
  5. TTT
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