Best Scanned Format?

Can someone tell me what the best quality format would be for scanned photos? (Tiff, Gif, BMP, JPG?)
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  1. I like *.jpg because it gives pretty good quality for the size of the file and is recognized by every web browser.
    If you are scanning pictures for web pages, the size of the file is very important.
  2. For scanned PHOTOS, I would also say that JPG would be the best. Otherwise, your photos may end up to be very large in file size. I don't see anything wrong with using JPG for photos; it's what I use.

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  3. as far as quality goes tiff is probably the best or maybe bmp because there is no quality lost from the scan. jpg provides great compression rates, but with some quality degredation. for the web this quality loss is generally not a problem due to image sizes and screen resolution. if you are going to blow up the images or print them out you may want to stick with a lossless format such as tiff or bmp. with tiff you can also compress the file using a built in lossles algorythm, which can greatly reduce file sizes, athough generally not as much as jpeg. gif is pretty bad for photos.
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    Personally I like to scan to a loss less format e.g. tiff,
    and keep these images as "master" copies,
    then I change the image using PhotoShop or Gimp and save it as a jpeg for web site purposes.

    As these tiff files can be rather large (Megabytes) I archive them off to CDR.

  5. A lossless format which is not really common but is actually very good is the .PNG format. This format was supposed to replace the .GIF format which can only use 256 colors maximum and has a pretty good compression too (but lossless as I already said). It's also compatible with the major internet browsers, which means you can insert .PNG files in web pages without problems.

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