*Major* Asus notebooks fan issue

A very serious issue has been discovered with Asus A2D notebooks and may concern other models.
The notebook fan, which is pretty noisy, may kick in and then never stop. There is no known workaround to this problem except rebooting the computer.

This problem has been reported many times to Asus by plenty of customers throughout the world via telephone, tech support and various web forums (including Asus VIP forums).
Asus has so far silently ignored the problem. IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL IF Tomshardware COULD HAVE A LOOK AT THIS ISSUE, as this problem severely criticizes Asus behaviour.

All problems are described here:

A2D cooling fan non-stop running:


My method for stopping the A2D fan problem (doesn't work):


How I solved A2D fan problem (doesn't work):


A2500D fan sometimes never turns off:

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  1. About 3 weeks ago i bought one of these notebooks , i was looking for something to replace my desktop pc because i cant stand the fan noise from it anymore.
    The thing that made me buy this notebook was the overview of it on asus.com.tw it says.
    "maintain quiet operation by minimizing air resistance"
    This made me think it would be a silent notebook so i went ahead and bought one.
    When i started it up i couldnt belive my ears the fan sounded like a leafblower and after using the notebook for a while it stays on forever squealing.
    In the 3 weeks i have had it i only used it for about 5 hours.
    I have contacted the place where i bought it from about sending it back , but as i have unpacked and used it they say its not possible.
    So now im stuck with this crappy notebook that i cant use for anything else than blowing leafs in the garden.
  2. Is that thing getting really really hot when it kicks into full gear? Maybe one of those laptop cooling pads would help it a little?

    I'm sure you could rig job a fan replacement. If you are stuck with that thing you might as well make it work for you.

    <A HREF="http://www.folken.net/myrig.htm" target="_new">My precious...</A>
  3. Ronin,
    I'm sorry to say this, but you need to be more forceful.
    It doesn't matter where you bought the 'leafblower' from, the fact of the matter is that you bought if from them at a certain specification (i.e. "maintain quiet operation") which it does not do. The notebook therefore does not meet the specification at which it was sold to you, and you have every right to demand that they take it back or repair it for you - to such an extent that you can press charges. Besides all this, unless you bought the notebook off the back of a truck, it will still have a warranty which covers malfunctions and incorrect-operation of the notebook. You should at the very least take it back and make sure they fix it, or send you a new/replaced model.


    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
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