New game to cristen my awesome new rig

hey im just about to buy a new rig, see below, and i was wondering what would be a great new game to cristen it.
I've already got things like GTA IV and Crysis
Im looking for pretty much anything as long as its actually good and not a racing game(hate em)
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  1. Fallout 3, Left for Dead, Prototype. Prototype is the weakest of those suggestions but is worth a punt in my opinion. Fallout 3 is a huge game and very very good. Left for Dead is one of the best games in ages.
    Fear 2 project origin is another choice but isn't good value when bought for full price, if you can get it on budget then that'll make it worthwhile.
    Let us know what you choose!
  2. Rise of Flight is a great new combat flight sim. Graphics and flight dynamics are awesome.


  3. i've already got fallout 3 on xbox, prototype on xbox, and by brothers getting left for dad, so ....... :)
  4. Wolfenstein?
  5. Flight simulator. Hours of fun if it interests you.
  6. Online, people are raving about the new Batman game; Arkham asylum....


    Team Fortress 2 you can't pass up this game

    Cod 4 / Cod 5 both exceptionally fun. Great graphics for your new beast too.

    World In Conflict, if your into Modern Combat RTS (OR RUSSIANS).

    and of course... Company Of Heroes, mind blowing graphics and great World war II RTS.

    All of em great games that would play well on your new machine.

    HAVE FUN! :pt1cable:
  8. cool thanks for the help guys
  9. I am waiting on Modern warfare 2, and Starwars:ToR. Currently playing Tf2 and.. Yeah whatever I can find.
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