Should I buy Crysis, Flaoout 3 Broken Steel, or something else?

My birthday is in about 3 months (presents=games) but I think I'm going to buy a game to hold me over until then. I've never played crysis before and I think i'd get the bundle with all of the crysises in it for $40, but I also liked the original fallout 3 and was thinking about getting the $20 dollar expansion pack "broken steel."Then again, I've heard good things about far cry 2 and prototype. Does anyone have any suggestions.
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  1. I liked Crysis a lot. When you land on the island and fight from one side to the other it actually felt like you were on an island.... almost an epic experience. . FarCry2 was nice looking and you can play the game differently with what weapons you have. Full frontal warfare to stealth like with the silent weapons. If you choose this one download and print a copy of the diamond locations as it adds another level to the game other than coming across them by "accident". My nephew has Fallout3 and it wasn't my kind of game. Good Luck.
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    If you want a game to last you for a couple of months, I would suggest the Crysis series. 1st of all, you can max it. 2nd of all, there are TONS of things to do on the island. Explore/mess around with/approach things. 3rd, there are TONS of MODS and levels to download for extra gameplay. Overall, it is a GREAT game.

    Farcry 2 was fun, but only for a bit. It is VERY repetitive. It's almost ALL go there, talk to him, ok now go blow it up. that's it. The traveling is a little "dry."

    Fallout 3 expansion won't last you for long. and you know why... it's only an expansion lol..

    Crysis gets my vote.
  3. Thanks. I got the expansion just so i could finish the fallout game, but I like the input on crysis. That's certainly up next.
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