Cant get sims superstar to auto install

when i insert the sims superstar disk into my laptop instead of auto running like all the other expansion packs, my computer opens the disk and all the folders inside. for example "Set Up Folder"
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  1. Look through the disk for a file that might say something like Setup or Install.
  2. When i insert my sims 2 bon voyage game it comes up with a box saying No PC CD Rom inserted please insert and then try again. Im having lots of problems with sims but i love the game! Please help!
  3. Well mine opens a folder named Setup, when i click on this Data 4 Data 5 stuff like tat and im not sure what to click to install the game :bounce:
  4. mine does that to and i have looked through the files and none of them say install the game or anything. now i cant play the game until i find out how to work it :cry:
  5. the same happened to workrd the first time i tried to install but now set up come up and i cant install :fou: it getting really annoying any help?
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