Chinese expression of the gigabyte 6vtxe(-a) mobo

since a little time i'm the owner of a new mobo, but by building this new comp (a tually 1200) i encountered one small trouble....

It seems that Gigabyte has it's own way to express terms like the power switch and power led and so on.... So those terms left me clueless and therefore i can't get the power switch properly connected
(i told my friend to take an asus but they weren't available anymore)

so here's the question: they talk about a "green switch" and a "soft power connector", and having tried both, it still keeps silent...

So maybe there could be a trouble? I really don't know :eek:

I have to admit that it's quite confusing, so if someone has an answer on this one i would start to jump around in this room instead of sitting here frustrated and pulling my hair out at my desk :smile:

oh yes i thought that the case might be the cause, but it's a new one (compudata)

thanx for any kind of solution that might come :-)

<font color=purple><i> Enosi and I.... </i></font color=purple>
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  1. Hi,

    Who is Enosi?

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