Low fps on WoW just started but i have good graphics cards

Okay how are you guys doing

Ive been playing wow now for id say 4 years i got this new laptop last year dell XPS M1730 fully loaded

i have 2 Nvidia GeForce 8700m GT's

now i saw some people saying they increased their fps by disabling there HID??

how exactly do i do that

Now this just started happening lately the game yoost to run at 50 to 60 fps running it at the highest video setting and resolution, now its doing anywhere from 3 to 20 fps i dont get it

now i lowered the video options and nothing

if anyone could tell me what to do and how that would be great i really dont want to have to buy new cards
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  1. Update your drivers.
  2. I updated them, i even reinstalled them

    i think its the vista though
  3. what CPU/RAM etc?
  4. I have a Powerbook G4 that runs wow on medium settings at about the same as you do on low. I wonder if something is overheating or a peice of hardware it taking a dive.
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