No beep codes - No Video

I am trying to repair a Compaq Presiaro 7000 (7AP140) [humor me here], Aspen2 motherboard with an
AMD Athlon 800 (AMD-A0800MPR24B A).

After receving a replacement motherboard and CPU, I have power to the motherboard, but no video and no beep codes.

I have tried and tested the following:
Replaced the power supply with a new Antec SL300S.
All power cables are correctly configured.
All drive cables are correctly configured.
Removed all perhiperal cards from the motherboard.
Replaced the video card with a working card from another system.
Removed all floppy, hard drive, and CD-ROM cables from the
Cleared the CMOS by moving the jumper to pins 2 and 3.
Moved the CMOS jumper back to pins 1 and 2.
Tested the memory (PC100 128MB) in another system.
Replaced the memory with a known working module from another system.
Removed and reseated the motherboard to ensure it was properly grounded.
Tested various combinations of the new parts and existing parts, i.e., old motherboard with the new processor, and the new motherboard with the old processor, with no success.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, before I lose my mind.
I have already spent way too much time and money, it is now a quest.

Thanks - Tim
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  1. ANd the new mobo with a known working CPU??

    the trouble that can sometimes happen with pc's built by manufacturers like Compaq and so on is that they got sometimes features of their manufacturer, and therefore they make one closed system, where you generally only can add some memory or a hard drive (a friend encountered a same kind of problem with an IBM)

    Sometimes those companies develop a special BIOS or some special add ons that may cause problems in case of an upgrade... though this is not sure as you tell you changed the mobo and thus the Bios is not the same, but here i got one question: is that mobo coming from Compaq? or is it a new one from another manufacturer?

    this can be the clue as sometimes built in safety systems can cause some troubles

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  2. I actually got genuine Compaq spares from a 3rd party vendor (Service Electronics). So the mobo and processor are identical replacements. Yep - I know all too well about the proprietary nature of Compaq, but these parts are replacements with the same spare part numbers. What are the chances that even the replacement CPU is bad?
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    No Video: No Beep Code
    Incorrect CPU Settings: See below for correct Voltage, Bus Speed and Multiplier settings. Check jumper settings and connections to motherboard.

    Did you check your jumper settings on the replacement Mobo?

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  4. Unfortunately, with this motherboard there are no jumpers to control the bus speed and multiplier. The only jumpers are to clear the CMOS.

    I am really starting to think the CPU is bad, but if anyone has any other suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks - Tim
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