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i have a ProComp BS61B-A motherboard. i just put in a new video card onto my motherboard (my motherboard already has an integrated video card) Now for some reason after i installed the video card and went to turn on my computer my motherboard beeps. its one long beep after another. i've had this problem before but after a few days it stopped (i never figured out why but since it was working i didnt really care) can someone please tell me if there is a way i can fix this problem. i'm assuming theres something loose but i've tighted every jumper and ram and basically everything i could see. Also, i have been through my motherboards user guide/manual and it doesnt say anything about a beep code. I need to solve this problem asap because i need my computer up and running.

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  1. Did u disable the onboard (video on the motherboard) in the bios?

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  2. One long beep (or continuous long beeps) means no video. I'm guessing you're using an older board with off-chip on-board video, in which case you need to disable it.

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  3. Yes i believe i have an older one and i have to disable the video from the bios (too bad i realized it after it stopped working) well now the one beep has stopped and what happens is that i turn my computer on, the hard drive works for a second or two then nothing happens after that...any suggestions?
  4. Well, you can take the card and boot into the bios using integrated gfx right? Try that... If you havent already. Other then that, I can only think of defective card, wrong agp standards and such

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  5. Actually, if your board uses a separate graphics chip for onboard video, you probably have a JUMPER to disable it.

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  6. how would i do that?
  7. Well after making sure all my jumpers and stuff are all plugged in i tried to start my computer again and now there is no beep code what so ever. my harddrive works for a second or two and thats it. nothing on the screen.
    any suggestions or solutions?
  8. Take out the video card completely and see if the system comes up (undo any changes to the bios or jumpers or set them properly).

    Do you boot now? Video?

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  9. i have taken out the video card i put in and i have made sure all my jumpers etc. are not loose. Now i dont get any beeps. When i try to boot up all that happens is that the hardrive works for a second or two and thats it.
  10. Can you get a friend to verify what you've done? Sometimes two heads are better than one (4 eyes help too hehe).

    You are probably very frustrated and tired with this by now.

    If you've done everything right, it now seems to me that something died, yet it seems unlikely.

    Sorry, after the friend thing, I'm out of ideas.

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