Will this laptop run WoW suitably?

I'm checking around for a laptop and I'm interested to know if people can correlate some information. I have a decent enough desktop that I mainly play on, but I'd like something I could take on the go. Since this will be supplemental I'm not looking for a powerhouse, just something that will load up and let me do some dailies or such. Right now I've got my eye on an HP with the following specs:

AMD Turion 64 X2
2.1 GHz
4 GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M
Video RAM Up to 1071MB Total Available Graphics Memory

According to some research that graphics processor will sustain WoW. I'm not really looking to get much over 20 FPS with all the settings on low and 1024x 800 resolution. Thoughts would be appreciated on whether this would be worth the effort to purchase.
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  1. Video card is Onboard It will lag pretty bad. I would just save up the extra bucks and get one with at least a dedicated videocard. You will get more for your investment.

    At least a 9300M or something would be better than onboard.
  2. In addition to MGDJoker's comment, i would advise you to also look carefully at the processor you are buying. I am not fully sure on the AMD side of things, but I know Intel's mobile processors often have the same clock speeds but different front side busses. As I understand it, you should look to getting one with a higher FSB speed as this will make your RAM operate at a higher speed too, thus maximising performance.
  3. Hello, I'm just informing you to wait a month or at least 2 weeks, because i5 cores are coming out like next day. The whole market will basically change, save the money now and can get better hardware later. The one you selected is horrible, and will be laggy as hell plaing WoW even on low resolutions.

    I also agree with ukcal, get Intel processors instead.
  4. It might play WoW on low everything outside, but forget going in major citys.
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