Oblivion with radeon 900

ive been wanting to play oblivion on my laptop since ive gotten her
BUT my GPU (ati radeon 900) is one that is just out of the min. range for the game is there anyway i could dum down the graphics enough tpo play the game or a way to get my GPU to cosort with my CPU to play the game or something else that would make the game work?

i think thats it

im running
1 gig of ram DDR2
pintium 4 2.3 ghz
radeon 900
its a laptop
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  1. Ahhh i think ur kinda screwed buddy. Sorry
  2. so there is no way possible to do it?

    i mean no code brealking or onything im just screwed over just cause my GPU is one produtin date out ?
  3. Only thing i could think of is using like Omega group drivers for the vid. See what happens. I know that using those on my friends notebook made Doom3 run alot better.
  4. ok thanks
    and if that didnt work? how bout overclocking the Radeon?
  5. U could try but i dont think u can overclock on that thing.
  6. I#^%*&Q^#%*&*&#%*&@#%^*^%(^@#%(*@(*#%^

    well thnks i guess if none of it wotks ill trow it across the room
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